Procedural Texturing is the Future

Texturelab is an Open Source alternative for making beautiful, tileable, physically-based textures


TextureLab is packed with features to help you make your next masterpiece

Artist Friendly

Node-based workflow gives you a preview at every step.

Create Seamless Textures, Seamlessly

Shapes, noises and filters in TextureLab are seamless by default.

Design Once, Use At Any Resolution

Procedural textures are the SVGs of the 3D art world.

Other Features

Unity Support

Export your textures directly to unity materials.

Awesome Community

Join our friendly community of artists and developers on Discord and

Open Source

TextureLab is made awesome by the contributions of others. Check out our Github repository if you want to help with its development.

Hardware Accelerated

Almost all nodes are build to work on the GPU.

Works Everywhere!

Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac


By default, materials are geared towards a metallic Physically Based Rendering workflow

Want to Contribute?

This project is still under heavy development so now is your chance to influence the project in a big way

Join Our Communities

Our growing community is very welcoming and responsive. We even have weekly challenges Discord.

Become a Contributor on Github

If you want a personal hand in the development of this project, you can join in, TextureLab is open source!